Our pick of the best and worst supermarket trolley wardrobe deals for Christmas

Christmas may be a bit different without the big family get-togethers and glitzy parties this year – but it doesn’t mean your festive wardrobe has to take a back seat.

There is less than a month to go until the big day and, although the celebrations may be more low-key than usual, you can still have fun with your outfits.

Now lockdown has lifted and the shops have ­reopened, why not pick up a bargain on your weekly shop? Here, I try on the best Christmas Day clobber from five big-name supermarket brands…

George at Asda


Pink sequin fringed T-shirt, £16. High-waisted black leggings, £14.

The tassels on this shimmery top make me want to sashay around my living room.

The leggings are comfy and will expand well alongside festive tums, while the side stripes give a subtle nod to Christmas.


Sequin leopard print dress, £26.

A proper show-stopper. This seems like something Liz McDonald or Noel Fielding would wear for Christmas Day celebrations – in the best possible way. Sequin loss is a problem, though. My carpet now looks like the aftermath of a Boy George concert.

Autograph at M&S


Navy spotted dress, £29.50

The velvet spots and subtle shimmer make this dress a perfect choice for the festivities without being too OTT.

It’s lined beautifully, drapes over curves and, at £29.50, it’s a bit of a bargain by M&S standards.


Cream silk blouse, £49.50. Plum velvet trousers, £79

This silk top and velvet trousers are both made of luxurious material, but I feel like I’m wearing my nan’s curtains. It’s drab and, at £128.50, I’m too scared to eat a morsel for fear of getting crumbs or grease down it.

Not the way I want to spend Christmas Day.

Nutmeg at Morrisons


Christmas Fairisle dress, £10

This fun printed dress is stretchy and comfy, so ideal for swaddling a turkey baby. And at £10, it’s not going to break the bank either – even if it does end up bursting at the seams.


Penguin Christmas jumper, £12 Faux leather trousers, £15

I feel like a bin bag full of Christmas pudding in these unflattering, plasticky trousers.

The jumper is snuggly and the colour is lovely but it would be nicer if it was longer. Preferably down to my ankles.

TU at Sainsbury’s


Red knit top, £20. High-waisted skinny jeans, £18

I love the look of this outfit, especially the jazzy sleeves.

The high-waisted trousers are ultra-glam, but one spud too many and I will be like a pig bursting out of its blanket.


Cream knitted jumper, £20. Pleated skirt, £18

Wearing cream is dangerous at the best of times, never mind on Christmas Day.

Sequin baubles on this jumper are cute but the tartan skirt will look better on Mel Gibson than me.

F&F at Tesco


Printed red dress, £15.

This sophisticated dress is an absolute cracker. I love the colour, and the soft fabric gives my skin some much-needed relief
from scratchy sequins.


Grey shimmer skirt, £10. Black glitter jumper, £12.50

Bellatrix Lestrange called – she wants her witching robes back.

I’m not a fan of this dowdy skirt and jumper combo. I feel like a granny in the get-up, though it is nice quality and gets top marks for comfort.

The verdict
The big stores have pulled out all the stops this year so we can get our glam on at home – and this Christmas there are sequins and sparkles all the way.

Asda just pipped Sainsbury’s to the top spot, with its lower prices securing the crown, and while the M&S clothes were of great quality, I didn’t think they were particularly exciting.

If I had to choose one favourite festive piece though, it would be the fancy-sleeved red jumper by TU.