Sadiq Khan’s deputy caught picking earwax with glasses and eating it during live meeting

Sadiq Khan’s deputy was caught picking his earwax with his glasses before eating it during a live public meeting.

Labour’s Jules Pipe CBE dug into his ear using the arm of his glasses before sniffing the gunk, and then having a taste leaving viewers shocked.

The 55-year-old is the Deputy Mayor for Planning, Regeneration and Skills in the capital and was taking part in the city hall meeting.

Mr Pipe, on £132,000 a year, apparently ­forgot he was on a Microsoft Teams call for Thursday’s virtual London Assembly meeting.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan was one of those who reacted before the link was turned off — with the footage later blocked online.

Mr Pipe blamed the incident on eczema, according to The Sun, which can result in excruciating itching in a sufferer’s ear.

An unnamed 34-year-old resident of Bethnal Green, East London told The Sun: “It was disgusting. There must have been a few hundred people tuned in.

“Sadiq was on the call and he looked angry when he saw it. Jules must have thought the camera was off — it was animalistic.”

A source close to Tory mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey called it “repulsive” — but Mr Pipe said: “My eczema can result in excruciating itching in my ear.”